Finance, the smart fix. Not a quick fix.

Do you struggle to save?

Set save goals, then spend everything before you reach your target?

Do you want better money habits?

and save for your home.

Get access to the budget calculator now.

Rachelle Leenderts


Rachelle Leenderts

Hi, I'm Rachelle Leenderts - I am a mortgage broker. I help people get finance for their property.

But first, I want to teach you about money.

Being smart with money is important, budget - it will benefit you throughout life and get into your first property and many more.

Coming soon - What will you learn?

Budget calculator is a quick and easy

The calculator is designed to start you on your saving journey and create new habits.

Set up separate accounts

With a budget its best to seperate your money when you get paid. We use five separate accounts, two saving accounts, two accounts that are easily accessible and an additional expense account.

Budget! Don't worry, we make it easy.

A budget is an action plan. Understand where your money is going and keep track of your spending. We will give you simple strategies to help you ease into budgeting.

You can still have a life

It's what works, saving is about balance, having a plan that gives you the freedom to live, yet still, save and reach your targets.

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